Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ten Things Our Sensei Told Us ( Lessons From Early In the Lean Journey )

" Lean " can have bad connotations, have a very clear "Leaned employee" re-deployment policy.
Lean is not Lean Manufacturing. There are probably more gains available outside of manufacturing.
  1. Lean is not voluntary; People who don't like it need to be re-educated or leave, Management needs to deal with the "antibodies".
  2. Ideas come out of the closet; Lean provides an opportunity for employees , good ideas to be heard. They have often had these ideas before Lean. They have often expressed these ideas before Lean. As management be humble.
  3. It's a journey of continuous improvement with perfection unattainable.
  4. Lead by example ; Interest, Knowledge, Support, Involvement and Dirty Hand.
  5. Get a teacher , you want a teacher not consultant.
  6. Strong Leaders are essential.
  7. You need to master the tools, but they are only tools, you need commitment, energy, stamina and ability. Follow through is an essential act and an essential message. Consolidate your gains while you push ahead for new ones. Need accountability.
  8. You cannot communicate too much with stakeholders, Lean team leaders cannot be managers of area being improved and the co-leader needs to own the process. Lean can drive your accounting people nuts, so get them on board early.
  9. Lean will not leap tall mountains ,,, that's why we call it a journey, becareful with the scope of events.
  10. Measure Accomplishments, in dollars , quality and customer service.
Lean is not about improving customer service and quality while cutting costs in unconnected parts of the company although that is nice , Lean is about managing the value that your deliver to your customers so that all the elements of delivering that value work together in a seamless, coordinated fashion and driving through the organization horizontally instead of vertically.
( Markem Lean Enterprise )