Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5S " A PlaceFor Everything, and Everything In IT's Place"

Thorough implementation of the 5 pillars of 5S is the starting point in the development of improvement activities to ensure any company's survival. And of course survival of the company is necessary in order for the company's employees to keep their jobs.
The word "Pillar" is used as metaphor to mean one of a group of structural elements which together support a structural system. In this case 5 pillars are supporting a system for improvement in your company.
The 5 Pillar of 5S :
  1. Sort ; means that you remove all items from the workplace that are not needed for current production (or clerical) operations.
  2. Set In Order ; can be defined as arranging needed items so that they are easy to use and labeling them so that they are easy to find and put away.
  3. Shine ; means sweeping floors, wiping off machinery, and generally making sure that everything in the factory stays clean.
  4. Standarize ; is the method you use to maintain the first 3 pillars.
  5. Sustain ; means making a habit of properly maintaining correct procedures.

Many companies when introducing 5S is likely to encounter resistance, below are some common resistances :

  1. What's so great about Sort and Set in order ?
  2. Why clean when it just gets dirty again ?
  3. We already implemented Sirt and Set in order.
  4. We did 5S years ago.
  5. Sorting and Setting in order will not boost output and productivity.
  6. We're too busy for 5S activities.
  7. Why do we need to implement the 5 pillars ?

5S benefit to you :

  • Give you an opportunity to provide creative input regarding how your workplace should be organized and laid out and how your worj should be done.
  • Make your job more satisfying.
  • Make your workplace more pleasent to work in.
  • Remove many obstacles and frustrations in your work.
  • Make it easier to communicate with everyone you work with.
  • Help you know what you are expected to do, and when and where you are expected to do it.

5S benefit to your company :

  • Lower defect and bring higher quality.
  • Less time changeovers bring product diversification.
  • Zero delays bring reliable deliveries.
  • Lower waste bring lower costs.
  • Zero red ingk bring corporate growth
  • Zero injuries promote safety
  • Zero breakdown bring better equipment availability.
  • Zero complaints bring greater confidence and trust.

Good Luck , try now